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y friend.They are all there, the faces● and histories I have come to know so wel▓l, Sveva in black, Clea in gold, Gaston, Claire●, Ga

  • irs of his●tory — doubling our claims u●pon each othe
  • r and upon life.Th▓e sweet sickly smell of blood hangs in the dar●kening air and contributes a ●sense of excite
  • ment, of fondness and frivoli▓ty.This note has been absent until now.The cha▓ndeliers in the great house whose
Revolutionary Perfection


rrelling with a●ll the animation of old lovers.▓All round me the typical Alexandr●ian animation swells and subsides in conversati▓on

s as brittle and frivolous as s▓pun glass.The women of Alexandria in▓ all their stylish wickedness are her▓e to say good-bye to someo


ne who has ▓captivated them by allowing them to befriend h●im.As for Pombal himself, he has ▓grown fatter, more assured since● his e

levation in rank.His profile now● has a certain Neronian cast.He is profess▓ing himself worried about me in sotto voce; f●or some weeks we have not met properly,▓ and he has only heard about my schoolmas●tering project

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It's even more than meets the eye.

tonight.‘You sh▓ould get out’ he repeats, ‘back to Eur●ope.This city will undermine your will.▓And what has Upper Egypt to offer● Blazing heat, dust, flies, a menial occupation●….After all, you are not Rimbau●d.’ The faces surging round us sip●ping toasts prevent my answering hi●m, and I am glad of it for I have nothin●g to say.I gaze at him with a p▓ortentous numbness, nodding my▓ head.Clea catches my wrist a●nd draws me aside to whisper: ?/p>